What types of connections do I need for a Wisembly event?

1. Required material

- 1 Broadcasting Computer (if possible, with Chrome or Safari browser)
- 1 Moderating Computer  
- 1 Tablet for the Facilitator


2. Installation

The broadcasting computer will remain in Full Screen Mode. To access it, type in the following URL : app.wisembly.com/f/your keyword, and push F11 for a larger display.

The moderating computer will be connected to the platform with moderator’s rights.

The facilitator’s tablet will be connected to the platform with facilitator’s rights.


Note: We recommend that you run some tests before the event. We also suggest that you plan a moment at the beginning of the meeting to present Wisembly to the participants in order to obtain optimal participation. Don’t forget to simplify WIFI access as much as possible if you wish to use Wisembly over the Internet.