How to participate by SMS ?

With Wisembly, participants can also interact on your platform by sending messages from their phones. 

However, participation via SMS is only possible to reply to a vote or send a message to the feed

I/ Participate in a vote via SMS

In the projection screen, the numbers next to the answers correspond to the numbers that the participant will have to dial by SMS in order to complete the survey. 
The participants have to send the keyword of the wiz followed by a space and the number of the answer, by text message, to the number you have chosen in Configure your wiz > Modules > Messages > SMS participation). 


II/ Send a message on the flow via SMS 

Participants can send a message on the feed by sending the keyword of your Wiz followed by a space and the message they want to send :


Then, the message will be visible to everyone on the Wisembly discussion feed.

To know more about the SMS participation, you can check the following article : How to activate a phone number on your Wiz?