How to use the reactions?

Reactions are emojis that you and your participants can use to react to any message in the live stream.

1. How to activate reactions?

By default, the "Like" (thumbs up) button is activated. You you can decide which other emojis you want to make available to your participants.


1 - Go to the Settings page,

2 - Open the Messages section,

3 - Pick the emojis you want to make available to your participants as reactions

4 - And don't forget to Save.


2. How to react to a message?

Participants just need to click on the React button and select the emoji that reflects their opinion. Each participant can choose only one emoji per message but can react to as many messages as they want. The count is then available next to the emojis, and a click enables to see the details if there is several reactions.


3. How to display the most reacted messages?

In the live stream:

When clicking Most reacted (below the question field), the ranking is automatically done.


On the projection screen:


1 - In the Run section,

2 - Click on the Projection tab,

3 - In the drop-down list Displayed messages, select Most reacted.


- For each message, the counter of reactions displays the total amount of reactions and the 3 most used reactions for the related message

- The "Like" reaction (thumbs up) cannot be deactivated.