How to assign roles to participants?

To help you to animate and administer your platform, you can invite people and give them specific roles. 


1. Manage participants on my Wiz

1) Go on Configure > Settings > Participants and click on the Invite my participants button.


2) Then fill in the first field with the mail of the person you want to invite directly on your Wiz


3) The name and mail of this person appears on a new screen : the invitation was successful !

You can copy/paste a mailing list to invite more than one person at once. In order for this process to work you just have to separate the mails either by a space, a coma or a hard return.

2. Give roles to participants invited

4) You can assign the desired role to your participant (Administrator, Facilitator).


5) You also have the option to send him an e-mail notification


6) To verify if the modification was made you may check that the role has been changed next to the participant’s mail.


3. The different roles

Administrator: he possess all rights on the platform, he can use every features Wisembly is proposing

Facilitator: he can display everything and interact with the « Presentation mode » (mark messages as favourite, put messages on Presentation mode, launch Votes and Surveys)

Participant: he has no special rights, he can only send messages and answer to Votes and Surveys