What does "Projection Mode" means?

The « Projection mode » is a dedicated interface to display messages, documents, votes and evaluations to the participants on a wide screen. In most cases, this webpage is displayed with a projector or a tv screen.

It is very efficient to give a global live view of all the interactions in the room.

1. Discover the « Projection mode »

This interface is dynamic : it adapts to everything that is happening on your Wiz in real time.

1. Your logo, check out this article to know how to upload it

2. Instructions to join the platform

3. The live messages feed

4. The background picture, check this article to know how to pick you one you want

5. Information on the wifi network available for the participants

2. Find the « Projection mode »

1) Go on the « Run » tab

2) In your Launchpad, open the "Projection" tab

3) Click on the « Access Projection mode » button. It will open this mode as a new tab on your web browser.


3. Set up the « Projection mode » on the day of your event

In your launchpad, you will find 3 different display modes for your Projection mode.It is on this menu that you will be able to modify the Projection mode in real time.



in your "Run" tab

1. Click on the Projection menu

2. You will find there the necessary buttons to control the Projection mode.

4. The different states of the Projection mode

Open : click here and you will start to display live messages, results to Votes and evaluations, documents played.

Pause : by this button you can choose to go back to the initial state of the Projection mode, before it was opened. This way, you can hide interactivity for a while. Then, you will be able to open it again.

Close : at the very end of your meeting you can shut down all interactions and show a message of thanks to your participants.

Reset : once you have closed the Projection mode, you can choose de reset it. This way, you will go back to the initial state of the Projection mode before it was opened in the first place.

5. Set up the Projection mode on the day of your meeting

For more details on how to set up your Projection mode, please check out this article.