What is the "Projection Mode"?

The Projection Mode is the interface dedicated to the display of your platform's content on stage (messages, documents, votes and surveys). It is generally displayed through a video-projector.

It is the best way to give to your audience a real-time view of the interactions and contents.

Note: for remote participants, the content of the Projection Mode can be directly visible on their own interface if they're accessing Wisembly through a computer (and not a smartphone).

Also, you can use this projection interface for remote meetings or events. Indeed, you can share (via screen sharing) this projection interface on Zoom, Webex or other services to animate and interact.  

1. Discover the Projection Mode

It is a dynamic interface, which means it automatically updates with real-time events on your platform. In addition, it is controlled remotely by the administrator(s).

This interface allows you to display:

1- Your logo (how to customize a platform?)

2- The title of your Wiz

3- The instructions to participate

4- The message stream (providing you have messages) when there is no document or vote displayed.

The Projection Mode is also where appears you background image (how to customize a platform?) and the wifi details for your participants (if you specified them in the settings).



2. Open the Projection Mode

1 - Go to the Display section

2 - Click "Open projection mode" to open this interface in a new browser tab

We suggest you open this new Projection tab in fullscreen on a computer you dedicate to the display and open the admin in another device to manage the platform (including the projection settings). ProjectionEN2_-_copie.png


3. Display options

In the left menu Projection tab of the Run your wiz section, you'll find the different options of the Projection Mode:

1 - Welcome screen: by enabling this setting, you'll pause the projection and a welcome screen with the instructions to access the platform will show.

2 - Displayed messages: this option allows you to sort the messages displayed on projection given the following criteria: most recent, most reacted, marked as favorite.

3 - Message stream position: this option allows you to change the way the messages appears on the projection when a document is presented. You can pick between tickers, right stream, notifications or no message at all.

4 - Displayed tags: if you have enable the Tags feature and tagged some of the received messages, you can choose to display only the message with one (or several) specific tag(s).




5- Vote display options : 

You can set before and/or during the way you want to display the results of a vote on the projection interface.  

Before: when configuring votes in the configuration section.


During: when animating your vote in the animate part of the Wiz (this is displayed as soon as the vote is launched)


4. Set up the Projection Mode on the day of your event

For more details about the setup of Wisembly during your meeting, read this article: How to setup Wisembly?

5. Advanced features of the projection mode

It is also possible to freeze a configuration of the projection mode. To do this, you must change the url of the projection mode. Read this article to see all the different configurations.

In addition, we have provided you with a process to allow you to automatically generate a new URL depending on what you want to show or not.