Where is my Wiz customization page?

You can change your Wiz’s appearance by adding a logo or the colors you desire. Only the owner of the wiz or the administrators can customize the appearance.

Go to Configure > Settings > Appearance (1).


Add a logo

Click on the "+" button and upload the logo you wish to add (2). The image must be square in order to be displayed fully (1x1 dimensions). You can then choose the logo's background (3) and its type of display (4)



Note : 

- The recommended resolution for the logo is 512*600

- we advise you to choose a white Logo background if you use a PNG logo (do not hesitate to do a few tests before your meeting).

Background image

You can choose the image appearing behind your messages and interactive content in Presentation Mode, which will be projected on stage (5).

Recommended resolutions for background image:
- if 16:9: ideally 1080p (1920*1080), minimum 720p (1280*720)
- if 4:3: minimum 800*600

You can also use an animated image in GIF format. Just make sure it is high definition.


Change the interface’s colors

This feature determines the colors in hexadecimal format. You can define the background and text colors.

  • When no background image is defined : blue (6) and light blue (7)
  • For the Projection Mode and the mobile interface : black (8) and white (9)


Do not forget to save the changes made (10) !

Here is an example of how it looks on the Projection Mode and the Participant interface.

The participant interface : 


Projection Mode : 


Never use the same color twice, or your Wiz won’t have enough contrast to be readable.
Color changes also apply to all Web interfaces.