How do I display a message in full screen mode?

A. Display the "Projection mode"

To learn how to display this mode : 

What is the "Projection Mode" ?


B. Display a message on full screen

This feature comes very handy to focus participants’ attention on a specific message or idea coming from the audience.

You just have to click on this button:


It is shown just below any message. By clicking on it you will display the message on full screen.



You will also find a « Display » button in the Run your wiz section, to put on full screen favourited messages. Go to Run your wiz > Favourite, and click on the Display button. It does exactly the same thing as the button mentionned above.

Favourited messages :


Did you know it ?

The same button is used to show Surveys' items results on full screen. Please check the following article to know more about it : How to show a Survey item on the Projection screen ?