The Homepage of Wisembly

On our home page, you will find all the information related to your account and your Wiz library. To access this page, log in to

On this page, you will find all your events (past, current and planned) and you will be able to access them with a single click.


1. Search for an event (past, current or future).

2. Facilitate your search by filtering by Wiz type and dates. 

3. Create a Wiz.

4. Access support: FAQ, contact the support team, examples of use cases...

5. Click on this button to access your dashboard, security and platform settings. 


6. Create a custom event.

7. Create an event according to your needs with a creation help.


8. View at a glance the statistics of your Wiz.

9. Access the report and statistics of your Wiz when your event is over. You can also go back to the configuration if you are preparing your event.