How do I create and moderate a Word Cloud?

1. Characterictics of a Word Cloud

A word cloud is the graphic representation of an open question. It is automatically generated and displayed at the moment the administrator stops the vote.

Note: The word cloud can have up to 30 occurrences of different words. The larger the type, the more times the word was sent. We recommend that you ask your participants to send lists of words, and not sentences, so your cloud will be more pertinent.  


2. Creation of a Word Cloud (Open Question)

First, you have to create your Vote. To know more about it, please check the following article : How to create a Vote ?


Go to Configure your wiz > Content > Votes > Create a vote, then, start the creation you Word Cloud. The only thing you have to do is enter the title of your question.

Select “Open Question,” then enter the title of your question. 


3. Launch a Word Cloud

To launch the vote, go to Run you wiz > Votes. Then select the vote and click on the Start button. To display the Word Cloud on the Projection Mode and the Participant Mode, click on the Stop button.

For more details, please check the following article : How to launch a Vote ?


4. Moderation of a Word Cloud

You may want to delete words from the cloud : it is possible ! Just click on the desired word (1) and "Add to stoplist" (2). You can then check the stoplist by clicking on the corresponding tab (3).


Note : You can put as many words as possible in the stoplist. No matter the words' occurence, the word cloud is recalculated automatically.