How do I create a Wisembly account so I can create a Wiz?

1. Access Wisembly

Wisembly is a 100% web application, which means there is nothing to install. You and your participants only need a web browser and an Internet connection. You can access the solution here:
 Here you can join an existing platform or log-in to create/manage your own.

2. Create an account

Anyone can create an account and log-in on It is not mandatory for participants who can remain anonymous. Licence owners will need to log-in so the system can grant them related rights.
To create an account:
1- Click on Connect (1) to create a new account.
2- Click on Register (2) (click Log-in if you already have an account)
NB: The standard way of creating an account is to fill in your work e-mail and choose a password (2). But you can also connect using your office 365/Google/Linkedin account (3).

3. Create a wiz

Once you are logged in on, here is how to create a wiz:
1- Click on the "Create a Wiz" button
2- If you don't own a licence, you will have to choose between "Freemium" (to create a 3-day free licence for testing) or "I have a contract", if you contract started before 2016). Click then on Continue. If you own a licence, you will hop on directly to the next step.

 Then, follow the next step of a Wiz creation :

1. You are free to type in anything you want for the Title.

2. The keyword represents the unique ID of your platform. It can only be letters and digits, and must be available (keywords database is shared). Try to make it short and easy for your participants.

3. This is not mandatory.


Then finish the last step of Wiz creation :


Congratulations! You have created your Wiz!