How do I create a Wisembly account so I can create a Wiz?

1. Access Wisembly

Wisembly is a 100% web application, which means there is nothing to install. You and your participants only need a web browser and an Internet connection. You can access the solution here:
Here you can join an existing platform or log-in to create/manage your own.
1 - For that, click on Connect.
2 - Choose the type of connexion 

A - The standard method

You can connect with your email address and a password (that you will define).


B - In one click

It is not mandatory to create a Wisembly account with an email and a password if you have a Google/Office 365/Linkedin account. You can authorize Wisembly to connect through these accounts. By doing that, only your email, name, lastname and profile picture will be collected.

Thanks to that, no password is needed !



3 - If you choose the standard method, go on the Register tab. Then, enter your email address and define a password. Be careful to the password's criterias.

You can now click on Register to validate process.


2. Create a wiz

In order to create a wiz, you have to be logged in Wisembly and to be the owner of a licence (Free trial, Basic, Advanced or Pro). Click here to see the different types of licences.

1 - Click on the "Create a Wiz" button

2 - If you don't own a licence, you will have to choose between "Freemium" (to create a 3-day free licence for testing) or "I have a contract", if you contract started before 2016). Click then on Continue. If you own a licence, you will hop on directly to the next step.

 Then, follow the next step of a Wiz creation :Creercompte-4EN.png


1 - You are free to type in anything you want for the Title.

2 - The keyword represents the unique ID of your platform. It can only be letters and digits, and must be available (keywords database is shared). Try to make it short and easy for your participants.

3 - You can see your email and type of licence here

4 - Click on Continue to go to the next step.



5 - Select the Opening Date of your wiz

6 - Then, select the Close Date

7 - Make sure both opening and close dates are correct

8 - Click on Continue to end the creation of your wiz.


Congratulations! You have created your Wiz!



9 - Check the summary of your wiz information

10 - Click on Prepare my Wiz to start creating and upload content.