How do I present Wisembly to my participants?

1. The method

If you don’t present Wisembly to your participants, there is not much chance that people will show up. You must plan for the presentation of the solution as a step in the meeting process.


2. Required information

The best thing to do is to share the information through slides, emails, or displays that your participants can see. Don’t hesitate to talk about the solution in order to improve your connection rate.
You should answer the following questions:  

- What will they use Wisembly for?
- How do they access an Internet connection?
- How do they go on to the Wisembly platform? (
- What is your Wiz’s keyword?
- How do they send a message, and what is voting for?


3. Using text messages 

- By Text Message: Your Wiz’s dedicated number 
--> to reply by text message, send the Wiz’s keyword followed by a space and the reply’s message or number (in the case of a Live Question)

D. Useful content : how to explain Wisembly to the participants?

Download the slides

Download the flyer

Download the animator's guide