How do I view the results of my quiz?

1. Through the Configure your wiz section

1. Go to the section Configure your wiz > Content > Surveys

2. Select the Survey you want to see

3. You can see the answers of all the participants who answered your Survey. This view is very useful for seeing the general trends of the answers and have an overview of your participants’ knowledge.

4. You can see the results by user by clicking on the corresponding tab



2. Through the Run your wiz section

When you are on the section Run your wiz, you can check your the results of your Survey either in the Sidebar (5), or directly from the stream (6).


Note: You may keep your Wiz anonymous, but still see the identity of the people who answered your Survey. Just add an “Open Question” asking them to enter their names. Thus in the results by user, you will know who answered what.

3. How to display the results to your participants

You can display the results of a Quiz or Questionnaire to your participants directly through their interface and the Projection Mode.


When you access to the results, you can click on the Display (7) button to display the results and the Hide (8) button to stop it. By this way, you can control the display of results to your participants.

Note :

- You will find the buttons Display / Hide on all questions.

- You can't display the results until you click the Stop button of your Survey on the Sidebar.