How to manage documents on the platform?

Thanks to the Documents feature, you can download all types of documents on your Wiz. Documents have two purposes on Wisembly : they can be broadcasted and/or be available for download.

1. Add Documents

In order to add a Document :

1 - Go to Configure > Content > Documents

2 - Click on Add a document


3 - Select the type of integration

  • From your Computer (uploading a file on the platform)
  • Online content (Integration of an online content on the platform. The link has to begin with https)
  • From Google Drive (recovery and conversion of a Google Slide, Sheets or Doc to the platform)



The integrable documents' format 

1/ Viewable documents are the file formats that can be broadcast via projection mode. These formats are: PDF, PPT, PPTX, PNG and JPEG.

2 / All types of documents can be available to download on your platform. You have to activate an option so these documents can be downloaded by your participants.


2. Make the documents downloadable

1 - In Configure > Content > Documents, and then select a Document.

2 - Click on the Edit tab

3 - Activate the button allowing the documents to be available for participants.

4 - Don't forget to Save.



3. Launch a document

 Though you can transfer all types of documents, it is only possible to publish documents in PDF and PPT format, or images. To publish a presentation, you simply start it from your Launchpad by clicking on the Display button (5). As long as this button in clicked, it will change state and become a Hiden button (6), which you can use to hide the selected documents from broadcasting.



3. Change Document slides

When you launch a document, you can manage the display of your document.

7 - Number of the current displayed slide / Number of slides

8 - Going back / Forward

9 - Stop the presentation.