Where can I find my password, and how do I change it?

1. Finding my password

If you lost your password, you can always request a new one:

1 - Click on the Connect button.

2 - Select the Connect with email option.

3 - Click on Did you forget your password?  Then type your email address and send the request. You will receive a new password in a few seconds.


2. Change my password

Once identified you are automatically redirected to your profile. On this page you will find all your Wisembly platforms and the possibility to modify your profile information:


1 - Click on Edit profile



2 - Fill in the missing fields while you are there, then click on Update password.

3 - Don't forget to Save



3. Registration / Login in one click

It is not mandatory to create a Wisembly account with an email and a password if you have a Google/Office 365/Linkedin account. You can authorize Wisembly to connect through these accounts. By doing that, only your email, name, lastname and profile picture will be collected.

Thanks to that, no password is needed !

Note : If your Wisembly account is not related to the same email address used for Google/Office 365/Linkedin, you will then have 2 profiles. It might cause some problems concerning your rights on Wisembly platforms.

If needed, here is the email of the support : support@wisembly.com