Can I modify full screen mode with the URL?

Warning! This article is for experienced users!

You can change the full screen display by adding code directly to the URL. In this way, you can force a certain type of display, no matter what your Wiz’s default settings are.


To change the display mode of the message feed with a document displayed: 

Ticker top:

Ticker bottom:

Stream side:



Filter messages displayed on the feed:

Most recent:

Most reacted:


Display only unprocessed messages:

Display only processed messages:


Sort messages displayed on the feed: 

Sort by date:

Sort by reaction:


Other codes that might be helpful to you for very specific uses:

- To deactivate pop-ups:

- To deactivate slide displays:

- To display a tag filter (ex: the name of the tag is "mytag"):

- To display several tags filter (ex: the name of the tags are "tag1","tag2"):,tag2

 - Don't display any tags :


Combining display codes:

You can combine the functions as long as they don’t contradict each other. Thus, you can, for example, ask presentation mode to display the favorite messages feed, in a ticker top mode, while sorting messages the most reacted. Always begin with a ? after the key word, and put & between the terms to add:é?filter=favorite&layout=ticker-top&sort=reacted