Is WIFI required to use Wisembly?

WIFI provides security that ensures you a better user experience. But it is not required for your participants. However, Internet remains required for the administrator of the Wiz.


1. Wisembly without internet

You can participate by: 
- SMS: send the Wiz’s key word, and after a space, enter your message or answer. 
- EMAIL: send the Wiz’s key word as the subject, and your message or answer in the body of the email, to

Please note: 
- The participants cannot access the interactions in the Wisembly room (you must therefore broadcast them with a video projector).
- They will be unable to vote for a message.
- They will be unable to answer questionnaires or evaluations.

2. Wisembly without WIFI

WIFI is not the only way to access the Internet. These days, everyone with a smartphone has a 3G or 4G subscription. Thus, they can easily access Wisembly’s web app and interact as if they had WIFI.

Please note:
Connections may be slower due to the number of people trying to connect at the same time. For this reason, we recommend the use of a WIFI network.