How can I create an archive?

1. Create an archive 

The archive is very useful feature allowing you to classify the content of your feed. When clicking the archive button, every message from your live stream, along with the inactive votes and evaluations, will be saved into a file, which will be placed in the Analyse section.


Once you've clicked on the archive button, you just need to rename it and to decide whether you want it to be visible to your participants or not.



2. Manage your archives 

All your archives are saved in the Analyse > Archives section. Content is indeed available and you can access and manage it anytime.

1 - Go to Configure your wiz > Content > Archives

2 - Select the archive you are interested in.

3 - The Unarchive button allows you to put all the content of your archive back in the live stream. Only the last archive can be unarchived. Messages will still appear in the chronological order.

4 - Your participants also have access to your archive if you did not choose to hide it when you created it. Otherwise, you can hide your archive form here. It will not be visible from the participants' interfaces anymore.

Note : messages in your archives are still active and you can display them on the projection mode or comment them.