What is the purpose of the various roles (facilitator, administrator) ?

In order to help you better manage your Wiz, you can assign roles to your team. Every role has its own particularities and different levels of authorizations. Here is the chart that shows the actions and the roles required to perform them (this table can be downloaded at the bottom of the article) :


* Depends on the settings determined by the Administrator/Owner

** Applicable only for Administrators with licences created after February 2019



- Only the owner of the licence can create a wiz.

- When you create a Wiz, you are its administrator by default, with the owner status.

- Only the owner of the Wiz can access to it when it is closed for the participants, even for users with a role. 

- For Basic, Advanced and Pro Licences created from February 2019, the Administrator role can only be assigned to owners of Wisembly licences.

To learn how to assign roles, you can read this article:

How to assign roles to participants?


To whom do I have to assign roles ?

The Administrator : It rather be someone trustful, who works with the owner of the licence. The administrator have an access to almost all the features of the wiz, and thus, can manage the platform on his own.

The Facilitator : It is the person who displays the documents and run the votes/surveys. It rather be a dynamic person, sometimes supported by other contributors. 

Note : The Facilitator cannot moderate messages.