As an administrator, how do I manage my Wisembly usage?

The person who signs the contract becomes the contact person for Wisembly. We grant the contact person the right to see how his team’s Wisembly usage changes over time.

Note : this option is only available for contracts prior to 2016.

1. Becoming the administrator of a contract

We will add you as primary administrator of the contract. If this hasn’t been done, please contact your Wisembly representative to make the request.

2. Access the contract’s statistics

Once you have become an administrator, when you log in, a new view appears in your profile page: app.wisembly/h 



This is a chart that shows your real month by month usage, based on the estimated usage previously decided upon with a Wisembly representative. For more details, click on “View more.”

3. Presentation of the interface  


1. This is the status of your contract, which indicates whether your activation code is still valid.

2. These buttons allow you to change the date to analyze a specific period of the contract.

3. Behind these tabs, you can see every Wiz associated with the contract, or manage the contract administrators.

4. Here is the view of your usage: The blue bars show your real usage, and the green line shows your estimated usage.