How do I add tags to a message?

This feature only applies to people with specific rights on the Wiz. Therefore, participants don't have access to tags and can't see any of them.

A. Enable the tags

By default, tags are not enabled on your Wiz. In order to activate the feature: 

1 - In the Prepare section

2 - Switch on the tags feature. You can start creating your tags (you will also be able to do it live).


 B. The Tag interface

Once in the Run tab, you'll be able to manage your tags.

1 - Click the tag button that will appear (the label-looking one) next to the message,

2 - The + button enables you to create new tags,

3 - Click directly on the tag to activate it for the message,

4 - This "pen" icon allows you to edit or remove a tag.


 C. Create a tag

When you click Create my first tag or the +, a text field opens up for you to create your tag.

1 - Enter the title of your tag,

2 - Confirm the creation of your tag.

Note: A message can have several tags at a time. You do not have to assign tags to all your posts.


D. Edit or remove a tag

Once opened the "edition" menu for a tag, you can modify or delete it. Don't forget to Save to make sure the change is made on every message.


E. Display tagged messages on the Presentation screen

Once your presentation mode is open, you can decide to display messages with one or several specific tags:

1 - From the Run section

2 - Open the Presentation tab

3 - Select the tags you are interested in.


Note: When two or more tags are selected, you will only see the messages that have received all these tags at once. E.g. if you choose HR and communication tags you will see only messages that received both tags.