How to launch a Vote?

Once your Vote is ready, all you have to do is launch it to your participants. (Reminder: How to create a Vote?)

1. Launch a Vote

1 - Go to Run your wiz > Votes. You will find there all the votes you already created.

2- Then, select the Vote you want to launch and click on the Start button. When you click the Start button, it appears in your stream but the instructions are also displayed in the Projection Mode.



The Projection Mode

lancervote2EN.pngNote : It is not possible to run two votes at a time.

2. What can I do once my vote has been launched ?


1 - In real time, you will see results appear. A counter lets you know how many participants have already responded,

2 - Answer to the Vote by clicking there,

3 - Check the Results sent by the participants

4 - The Stop button close the Vote and displays automatically the results on the Projection Mode and the Feed. In case you have selected the Live results option in your vote preparation, results will be displayed live and not only when you hit the Stop button.

5 - Hide to remove the display of Presentation Mode. This will also stop displaying the Vote in Fullscreen in the Participant Mode. 


3. Displaying the results

The results of a Vote are displayed on the Projection Mode and the Participants Mode.


Display of the results on the Projection Mode : 


You can stop displaying the results by clicking on the Hide button mentioned in the second part of this article 2. What can I do once my vote has been launched ?

Note : If you want to avoid displaying the results automatically in the Projection Mode, you can create a survey with only one question in it.