How to launch a Vote?

Once your Vote is ready, all you have to do is launch it to your participants.

How to create a Vote?

In "Animate my meeting", you will find your Launchpad. Select the Vote tab to access all the votes you have prepared in advance.



When you click the Start button, it appears in your stream but the instructions are also displayed in the Presentation mode.


1/ Click on Run

2/ Choose the Vote tab

3/ Click the Start button to start the Vote

Viewing instructions in Presentation Mode


In real time, you will see results appear. A counter lets you know how many participants have already responded.


Whenever you wish to do so, simply click the Stop button to end the Vote. The results will be automatically displayed in the participants’ stream area, as well as in Presentation Mode.

In case you have selected the "Live results" option in your vote preparation, results will be displayed live and not only when you hit the Stop button.

4/ Number of responses 

5/ Results button to see the real-time trend or Answer to participate in the Vote

6/ Stop button to stop the Vote and see the results

7/ Hide to remove the display of Presentation mode results


Display results in Presentation mode


Note: It is not possible to run two votes at a time.