How to duplicate a Wiz?

1. What does the duplication do ? 

You have the possibility to copy a Wiz that already exists (it does not matter if the Wiz has started yet or is over). 

Duplication will allow you to :

  • Keep the same Wiz title
  • Keep the same keyword
  • Change the date of your Wiz
  • Copy the documents
  • Copy all Votes and Evaluations
  • Use the same list of participants invited

2. Duplicate a Wiz 

1) Click on Settings

2) Select the Administration tab

3) Click on the Duplicate button

4) Select the settings to copy into the new Wiz you will create by clicking on the Duplicate button

3. How to duplicate a Vote or an Evaluation?

You can duplicate items one by one in the same Wiz or into another Wiz.

In each Vote, Questionnaire or Evaluation you create, you can find a duplicate button.



Note :

The answers of your participants will be not duplicated.