How to duplicate a Wiz? ( votes and surveys included )

1. What does the duplication do ? 

You have the possibility to copy a Wiz that already exists (it does not matter if the Wiz has started yet or is over). 

Duplication will allow you to :

  • Keep the same Wiz title
  • Keep the same keyword
  • Change the date of your Wiz
  • Copy the documents
  • Copy all Votes and Surveys
  • Use the same list of participants invited


2. Duplicate a Wiz 


1 - Go to Configure > Settings

2 - Click on the Administration button

3 - Click on the Duplicate your wiz button




4 - Select the settings to copy into the new Wiz

5 - Click on the Duplicate button

3. How to duplicate a Vote or a Survey ?

You can duplicate items one by one in the same Wiz or into another Wiz.

In each Vote, Questionnaire or Quiz you create, you can find a Duplicate button




Note :

The answers of your participants will be not duplicated.