How to add videos to Wisembly?

A/ Add an online content (video or animated Prezi slides)

When adding your document, a window will open to prompt you to add a media. Select the option "Online Content".




It must be hosted on Internet. It can come from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion sites. You can also incorporate animated slides via the Prezi application.

Note : It will be impossible to play a video from your computer via Wisembly.



1) Enter the link of your media (video or Prezi animation)

2) The media will be recognized automatically with its title, which you can change it if you wish.

3) You can choose to embed the video directly on Wisembly if you want to broadcast it live. On the other hand if you simply want to share the link of the video to your participants, you might want to choose the "Import as external link" option.

4) Do not forget to save by clicking Import.


B/ Playing a Video 

In the Run section you will find the video that will be launched automatically when in Presentation mode.

Note: The video will appear on all smartphones, tablets or computers, but it must be started manually by the participants.