How to launch a Survey ?

1. Before you start

If you don't know how to create a survey, read this article.
A participant can only reply to a survey from the web application (SMS and Twitter replies are not possible).

2. Launch a survey


1 - From the Animate part of  your wiz,

2 - Click on the surveys tab of your sidebar

3 - To launch your survey, click on the "start" button

4 - To close your survey, click on the stop button

On the participant interface, the survey will appear in the discussion flow. Participants simply click on the answer button to display the questionnaire. 



 3. Send a survey before or after an event

You can also launch the survey from the "Configure" area of your Wiz. This feature can be very useful if you want to launch a survey before or after an event (only if the Wiz is open).



By clicking on "Launch" from the "Configure" interface of your Wiz, you can copy the link and send this questionnaire to the people you want, in an email for example.



4. Display the results of a survey

Unlike votes, results are not automatically displayed on the projection mode (to do so manually, see this article). The results are not projected on the participants' interface.