How does Wisembly calculate the quiz results?

When your participants finish a quiz they automatically receive their grade depending on how well they answered the questions. Here is how we determine their quiz results :

1. Unique choice questions

Each single choice question is rewarded with 1 point. If the answer is correct, the participant wins this point and if he answers poorly, he does not. Our grading system does not go below 0.

2. Multiple choice questions

Let’s consider the following multiple choice question : A and B are the right answers, C and D are the wrong ones.

1. Right answers calculation

Each question is rewarded with maximum 1 point if it is perfectly answered.

In the multiple choice question case, this point is divided by the total number of right answers options.

Looking at our example detailed above : 1 point / 2 right answers options = 0,5 point by right answer given.

Ex: If I answer A and B, I am earning 1 point.

0,5 (answer A) + 0,5 (answer B) = 1 point on 1.

2. Wrong answers calculation 

Each wrong answer choice withdraw the same amount of points than what a right answer adds. The total grade of one question can not be below 0 point.

Ex 1: If I answer A, B and C, there are two right answers and one wrong, I collect only 0,5 point.

0,5 (answer A) + 0,5 (answer B)O,5 (answer C) = 0,5 point on 1. 

Ex 2: If I answer A and C, there is only one right answer and one wrong one, I do not collect any point.

0,5 (answer A)0,5 (answer C) = 0 point on 1.