How to set the opening dates of your platform to your participants ?

When you create a Wiz, you have to fill in the date and time of your meeting. The dates correspond to the period a participant can access the platform. 

Note : A wiz will always be accessible by its owner, whereas an Administrator can access it before and during the opening dates.

A. Change opening dates on your Wiz

These information can be changed afterwards, by going in Configure your wiz > Settings > General (1)

You can choose the opening dates (2), according to your licence (Basic : 3 days, Advanced : 15 days, Pro : 30 days). 

Don't forget to Save (3)




B. Check if your Wiz is open to the participants

If needed, you can then check if the meeting is already open to your participants by going back in the Homepage (4). At the top of the page, you can see some information such as the opening dates, the duration of the wiz and a button to stop it (5).



Note : If your wiz is already open (and so, accessible to your participants), it is not possible to edit the opening date. 

It is possible to add a Pincode to your platform to limit the access. In order to do so, go to Configure your wiz > Settings > Security.