How to create a Vote?

1. What is a Vote ?

A Vote is a key feature to seek the participants’ opinion or take decisions in a few minutes. You decide when a Vote is launched and when it will be over and you display the results automatically to your participants. You can let your participants answer by SMS as well.

For more details, check out this article (How to activate a phone number on your Wiz)


2. Different types of questions

  • An open question is a question where participants can answer what they want in a free text field. Results will appear as a Word cloud. More details right here  ( How do I create a word cloud) !
  • The single choice question is a closed question. Participants can only pick one answer from the list you propose. Results are shown as histograms.
  • The Multiple choice question is a closed question as well. Unlike the single choice question, the participants can pick several answers from the list of choices proposed. Results are shown as histograms.
  • The Star rating question is a special closed question. You do not answer by words but you determine a grading scale from 2 to 10 stars. Your participants can then grade a subject. Wisembly will show the global mean of all answers.


3. Create a Vote

A Vote can only contain one question and you can not launch two different Votes at the same time. If you want to propose a list of several questions you should rather create a Survey (another Wisembly feature).


1) Go to Configure you wiz > Content > Votes,

2) Then, click on Create a Vote



3) Select the type of question you want to create


4) Type in the question title in the first text field proposed

5) Adding a description is optional

6) Enter the different answer choices

7) Do not forget to Save your Vote once its conception is over

4. Launch a Vote

To launch a vote you can check this article out (lien vers : How to launch a Vote)

Note : If you want to avoid displaying the results in Projection Mode, you can create a Survey with only one question