How can a participant rank the different answer items in a question?

The rank choices question is available in the Votes and Surveys. This feature allows your participants to rank several items in the desired order.  

1. Create a rank choices question

Check out these articles if you want to know how to:

- Create a Vote

- Create a Survey

You could then select the question item named : Rank choices.


2. Display the choices to the participants

To know how to launch your vote, you may want to check this article out.

You can choose to select a random display of all answers so all participants will not see the choices in the same order. By doing so, you will not influence the final choice, the final order they choose.




1) When you create a rank choices question, click on Settings, then tick the checkbox Randomize choice order for participants

2) Do not forget to Save these settings


3. Display the results

The application calculate the results on a point system basis according to where the participants has placed each proposal. The higher the proposition is ranked, the more points it will receive.

E.g. for 3 different answer items: 1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point.

Of course, this operation is automatic and it is adjusted to the number of proposals available to the participant. 

Both on the Projection Mode and on the participants interface, results are reordered to fit the overall score of all proposals (the first at the top and last at the bottom).

Ranking results displayed in Projection mode


You can choose to display your results in a different order by going in Run your wiz > Votes, and by clicking on the button next to the Hide button, to the left :

  • Descending order
  • Ascending order
  • Initial order
  • Most voted