How to limit the number of propositions in a multiple-choice question?

1. The multiple-choice question

This type of question is available for Votes, Questionnaires or Quizzes. A multiple-choice question enables the participants to pick several propositions among the list of available choices. For instance, if you provide 4 choices, your participants will be able to answer by picking 1, 2, 3 or 4 propositions.

In addition, you can use the limitation parameter so your participants must pick a minimum, maximum or exact number of propositions.


2. Enable the limitation

You can enable the limitation according to your needs before or after creating your multiple-choice question.


1) Click on Settings when editing the question,
2) Select the rule your want to apply,
3) Don't forget to Save.


Note: If you want to edit your question, read this article to learn more.