How to manage anonymity on my Wiz? (Participation modes)

1. Good to know

Wisembly is mostly used in a totally anonymous way. This usually enables to increase the participation and therefore the number of messages sent on the platform. However, you will not be able to know who said what when decide to analyse your date, which can be useful in some cases.

2. Participation modes

Easy to set up, these modes enable you to manage anonymity on the whole platform, for all your participants. When you select a Participation mode, your participants will have to comply to specific conditions to be able to send messages or take the Votes and Surveys you might launch. There are 3 different modes.

A. Participant's choice (by default)

The participants can decide by themselves to interact anonymously or as identified participants before every message they send or Vote/Survey they take. This choice is made through a simple box they can check for each of their interactions on the platform. If a participants is not connected with a Wisembly account and wishes to sign a contribution, he will be invited to log in.

B. Anonymous only

The participants are always anonymous, even if they are already logged in with their Wisembly account.

C. Identified only

The participants must log in to interact. If a participant is not logged in, he will be invited to do so in order to sign his message, Vote or Survey.

3. How to set up a Participation mode?

By default, every Wiz is set on Participant's choice mode. Here is how you can change it :


1 - Go to Configure > Settings > Participation Mode
2 - Select the participation mode that fits your needs (don't forget to save).