What are the different modes of participation?

With Wisembly, participants can send messages, reply to votes, forms or participate in brainstorming anonymously or in an identified way.

Indeed, as an administrator, you will determine beforehand how participants will be able to interact on your platform.

By default, all the Wiz have the participation mode participant's choice selected. 

1. Setting up the participation mode

1 - Go to Configure your wiz > Settings > Participation mode

2 - Choose the participation method that suits you without forgetting to Save. 

2. Modes of participation 

A. At the participant's choice

Leaving this option enabled, it is the participant who decides. That is to say, you give him the choice to:

  • participate anonymously 
  • participate by being identified
  • participate with a username 


Participation with a username is only possible for participants who are not authenticated on Wisembly.

When the participant makes a first action on the platform (sending a message, answering a vote, form...), a popup will appear in which he will be asked to enter a username.


You can make this option mandatory or not. By making it mandatory, unidentified people will be forced to enter a username to interact on Wisembly.

B. Anonymous participants only

The participant must be anonymous, even if he or she is already connected.

C. Identified participants only

The participant must be logged in to participate. If the participant is not logged in, a window will be push on his screen to log in to sign his message or reply.

3. Good to know

Wisembly is used in most meetings completely anonymously or with a pseudonym. This often increases the number of messages from participants.