How can I add a live video stream in Wisembly?

You can now add Live media on your Wiz. By displaying a window inside your platform showing your video stream (from your video-conference solution screen), Wisembly enables your participants to enjoy a richer content. 

1. Set up the Live Media

In order to offer this feature to your participants, your need to add the link to your video-conference or screen sharing tool (e.g. livestream,,, etc).
All the softwares displayable on a web browser can be integrated in your Wiz. You can actually add a link to any web page with this method. 


1 - Go to Configure > Modules > Remote meeting

2 - Choose the provider you want to use to integrate the video (here, Youtube Live)

3 - Here, paste the link of the Live. For more information, please check the articles corresponding to each provider, right after the field.

4 - Preview here the live you just integrated.

5 - In the case of Audio Streams, you can check this option to hide the video only.

6 - Don't forget to Save.


2. How does it work for your participants?

Once you have added a Live Media in your settings, a new button is available on the participants' interface. It enables them to open the Live Media window. 


In order to do so, go to the Run section, and then in the Streams tab. Activate the Audio/Video stream Module.

It now appears in the participant's interface. Its position depends on the display of documents. The participant can decide on how he/she wants to watch the video.

The participant's interface with the Audio/Video stream, without any document displayed : 



The participant's interface with the Audio/Video stream, with a document displayed :


1 - By default, the document is displayed in fullscreen in the left part of the interface.

2 - The audio/video stream is displayed at the bottom right of the window, for the participant to view the document.

3 - Thanks to these buttons, the participant can control the way the video is displayed in his interface.