How can I access the statistics overview and export my data ?

The Overview of the statistics is available to the owner of each Wiz only, for Advanced and Pro licenses. 

1. A quick glance

Statistics are available by going in Configure > Analyze > Overview

The Overview displays the main figures of your meeting. It helps you identifying the trends of participation in order to understand the way your meeting went.



2. Detailed view

You can go into the details of every feature you have used during your meeting from the Overview. More specific figures are indeed available and allow you to carry out a deeper analysis.

Just click on View details / Close details to access these advanced data.


3. Export data

a. From the Overview

You can still export any data that has been generated on your Wiz. Exports are now available from the detailed view of every feature.


b. From the export tab

You can also export all the data of your Wiz from the Exports tab in the Analyze section


1 - Go in Configure > Analyze > Exports

2 - Export all the messages in a single Excel sheet

3 - Pick an item to export in .xls or .pdf format (PDF gives you the same results format as on the Wiz)

4 - You can also download all the data at once in a single Excel sheet