How to identify the highlights of my Wiz through the Timeline ?

Note: The Timeline is only available for owners who created their platforms with a Pro license.

1. What is the Timeline for ?

Once finished, your Wiz becomes a repository of data which are only waiting to be analyzed. To start of with you can take a look at the Overview (How can I access the statistics overview and export my data?).

The Timeline is meant to help you browse through your meeting, in order to relive it and to identify its highlights. 


2. How to access the Timeline ?

The Timeline is available by going on Configure > Analyze > Timeline.


3. The horizontal Timeline

The Timeline view is made up of two parts. The first one is horizontal, it allows you to visualize activity peaks of your meeting and to select a time slot to quickly access the content of the second part (the vertical chronology).

View of the messages and reactions


1 - Select an Archive to jump straight to the related time slot and see its activities.

2 - You can change the displayed data, in order to focus on your participants' reactions.


View of the reactions


1 - Uncheck the box to come back to the default view (messages and reactions) .

2 - Look at the legend to understand the timeline.


Note: if you have created Archives during your meeting, you can use them as markers in this view.


4. The vertical Timeline

The vertical Timeline provides the detail of what the horizontal Timeline contains. 

It will indeed allow you to see what messages have been posted, votes and evaluations launched and answered, and when. In the same time, the Timeline also reminds you the actions you have performed.


1 - This zone is used to remind the actions performed by the organizers of the meeting.

2 - This zone shows the participants' messages and results.