How can I analyze my wiz using the Cross-Data ?

Good to know : Cross-Data are only available for owners of Wiz with a Pro licence.

1. What are the Cross-Data for ?

The Cross-Data allows you to segment your participants according to their activity during your meeting. This way, you can cross any data that has been created on your Wiz to better know your audience.

2. How to access the Cross-Data ?

Cross-Data are available by going on Configure > Analyze > Cross-data.



3. How to cross the data generated on my Wiz?

You just need to select the item(s) you want to analyse and add filters based on your participants' contributions, as explained below.

1 - Select the feature which you want to use an item from

2 - Select the item(s) you want to analyse

3 - Add criteria you want to compare these items with in order to segment your participants


4. Example of use

In this example, the administrator wishes to identify, among people who want to be contacted, how many think Wisembly brings a real added-value to meetings.

Results show that among the 10 people who answered "Yes", 9 also answered they think Wisembly brings a real added-value to meetings, and 1 is not convinced.