How to add third-party service providers to my Wiz ? (set up and advices)

Wisembly now allows you to integrate third-party service providers to your Wiz. These services have to be available through a web link (URL).


Dedicated applications are not accepted (if they dont have any web link to copy/paste). Integrations can be video streaming (including live streaming), audio (web radio), screen sharing, or all in one.


Two types of display

1. Instead of a standard document
These integrations can be displayed and broadcasted instead of documents. To do so, you can copy and paste the link of your third-party service provider with the Document feature. Check this article.
Integrating this way, you will not be able to display documents at the same time but this encourages participants' interactions.
2. In a dedicated window
You can also broadcast your integrated media in a dedicated window. This window can be hidden, enlarged or reduced upon the participant's will. The video and audio stream will be automatically played without any action necessary from the participant. Check this article.
While the Live (1) tab is active your participants are able to change the space dedicated to the integration (2). Participants can see and/or interact with the service through this window (3).

This integration method allow for example to display documents while broadcasting a video in a smaller window.

Three third-party service providers you can integrate

Wisembly can integrate all services who propose an embed link (URL to integrate on a web site).
We chose to present 3 services we know very well and that we integrate regularly.
1. Youtube Live : a free tool slightly demanding
Youtube also propose hosting and broadcasting of live recording.
You will need to download an encoder. We use the Open Source software (free) : Open Broadcaster Studio.
We tested it an we noticed a 15 seconds latency on the beta application - Discover Youtube Live
2. : a free/paid solution to share your screen for up to 250 people
This american application allows you to simply launch conference calls or visio conferences as well as screensharing. The administrator of the meeting must download the application but the participant has nothing to download.
We tested it and we noticed a 2 seconds latency. Discover

3. Libcast : a start up to do hands on meetings

This french startup will allow you to handle video broadcasting (as youtube does) but will also propose a hands on solution to guarantee the success of your webcast (rent materials, planning and installation). Discover Libcast