How to add your own audio/video stream?

Retrieve your stream

It is possible to integrate an audio or video stream accessible online (via a url which must be in https)

List of supported extensions:

  • For audio : mp3, ogg
  • For the video: mp4

Integrate the video stream into your wiz

1. Copy the address present in the url bar of your browser on your stream
2. Go to your Wisembly platform
3. Open the Configure Your Wiz > Modules > Remote Meeting section.
4. Select "stream audio/video https ( mp3, m4a, https )".
5. Insert the copied link in the URL section

For stream integration, add the extension: "mp3::", "mp4::" or "ogg::" followed by the url of your stream.



6. Click on Save
7. To activate the module for participants, go to the Animate part of your Wiz > Audio/Video section, and click the Streaming Audio/Video Module button.

Participant side view

It connects to and enters the keyword of your platform. Usage will be different depending on the options you have activated.

1. Display your video/audio normally. If it is a video, a window will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the participant interface.


2. Activate the "Audio only" option: Your participants will only have access to the audio of your video. No images will be broadcast.


3. Enable the option: "Force participants to start the audio stream ": Your participants will be forced to enable audio to join the conference. Indeed, when they join your platform, an interface will be displayed asking them to "Join the audio conference" (see below).