How to allow participants to comment published messages ?

1. What is this for? 

While reactions allow participants to express themselves quickly regarding a message, comments allow them to further detail their point of view with a few words.

1 - Get into Settings,
2 - Select the Messages tab,
3 - Switch the Participants comments on,
4 - Do not forget to Save.

Your participants can now comment directly on each message published through their interface.

5 - By clicking here, an open text field just opens
6 - The participant can write his comments
7 - When he/she is finished, he/she can post it

3. How to moderate participants comments ?

Participants' comments published this way can not be moderated beforehand. They are instantly published!
However, you can edit/delete a comment that have already been published.

8 - Click on the three little dots to open a list of 2 choices,
9 - Either choose to Edit or Delete the comment

Notes :

- Because the moderation is not possible beforehand, we chose not to allow the display of these comments on the Projection screen. 
- There is no limit in terms of maximum characters you can put in a comment.
- You can change the settings at all times in case you need to deactivate this option for all the participants.