How to allow participants to comment published messages ?

1. What is this for? 

While reactions allow participants to express themselves quickly regarding a message, comments allow them to further detail their point of view with a few words.

1) Get into Settings,
2) Select the Messages tab,
3) Switch the Participants comments on,
4) Do not forget to Save.

Your participants can now comment directly on each message published through their interface.

5) By clicking here, an open text field just opens
6) The participant can write his comments
7) When he/she is finished, he/she can post it

3. How to moderate participants comments ?

Participants' comments published this way can not be moderated beforehand. They are instantly published!
However, you can edit/delete a comment that have already been published.

8) Click on the three little dots to open a list of 2 choices,
9) Either choose to Edit or Delete the comment

Notes :

- Because the moderation is not possible beforehand, we chose not to allow the display of these comments on the Projection screen. 
- There is no limit in terms of maximum characters you can put in a comment.
- You can change the settings at all times in case you need to deactivate this option for all the participants.