How do I send a suvrey to my participants?

Sometimes you may want to share a survey (questionnaire or quiz) with your participants before or after a meeting.

It is possible to send the link of the survey to your participants so that they can access it directly. By clicking on the link, participants will go directly to the form. 

To do this, your Wisembly platform must be open: How do you manage accessibility dates and activate your Wiz? 

1. Get the right link

There are two ways to get the link to your survey if you want to share it:

1- Copy directly the URL

2- Launch your form from the configure interface and get the link via Wisembly.



2. Launch the Survey

You need to launch the Survey in the Run your wiz section so your participants can answer it. To know how to launch a Survey, please read this article.

Note: A participant can answer a Survey only from the web application (responses by SMS are only possible for Votes).

To create a survey: Read this article