How to create a Vote with pictures ?

This kind of Vote is created and started exactly in the same way as the other type of Votes (see the article on how to create a vote).

1. The creation of the Vote


1) Get in Configure your wiz > Content > Votes,

2) Click on Add a vote,


3) Select Picture Choice,



4) Enter the Question title here,

5) Add an picture from your computer (and it works only with pictures from your computer)

6) Give an image title to this picture (this field is mandatory!)

7) Click on Save once you have added all the pictures that you want.

2. Notes and tips about the Vote with pictures

- Accepted formats are : bmp, jpg or png.
- This element is not available in quiz or questionnaires.
- The picture must come from your computer, it can not be some sort of web link.