Organize a workshop / brainstorming session

We often need to collectively think in order to generate ideas, identify solutions or define action plans. This is what the workshop module is for!

This module allows you to collect contributions from your participants and to sort all of them for an easy visualization and export.

1- Create your workshop

You can create your workshop from Homepage > Modules > Workshop.



Then, click on Create my workshop to open the edition page.

You will need to fill several fields and set a few settings. However, we have defined a standard configuration that can be used as is for an efficient workshop experience. Juste make sure to update the Directions if you change the settings.

Every step of your workshop will be defined by specific goals and relate settings for a smooth run. 

Note :

  • Tags are essential because they allow your participants and you to categorize and therefore to sort all the contributions.
  • Timers have no impact on the sequencing of your workshop but help you and your participants keep track of the time spent on each step.


2- Run your workshop

Once your workshop is ready, you can launch it whenever you want from Run > Workshop, by clicking on Activate Workshop.


You will just have to follow the steps and jump to the next one when you want to by clicking Next step.

At any time you can stop the workshop by clicking Stop, which will bring you straight to step 4.


3- Good to know

You can only create one workshop per platform. However, you can reset or modify your workshop to organize another one (just remember to export its content before resetting your current workshop).

Regarding anonymity, it depends on the settings of your platform. By default, participants are anonymous and can log in on your platform to "sign" their contributions. Go to homepage > Settings > Privacy to change these settings.