How to integrate Youtube Live into Wisembly?

Create the Youtube live

Youtube offers two ways to create a live show.
Either by going directly through Youtube on the web and your webcam, or by using editing software. However, the first solution presents a major problem because you will have a delay between recording and broadcasting to your participants, which can be as long as 45s. An editing software will allow you to reduce this delay, or even not to have any at all if your Internet connection is of very high quality.

Through Youtube live

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Put a video online"
  3. Fill in the general information (title, hours, access,...)
  4. Click on "Next".
  5. Select "Go live" to start the live event (you can also do this last operation after configuring the stream on your wiz)

Through an editing software 

We recommend you to use XSplit, which is also recommended by Google, it has the advantage of having a free version that is already very powerful.

When XSplit is first launched, click on Broadcast > Configure a new release > Youtube Live
Fill in your Youtube ID and adjust Codecs and other information if you wish
Still in the Broadcast tab, click on "Youtube Live..."
Fill in all the information and choose your Latency, the lower it will be, the less time there will be between your registration and your participants. But your connection will have to be excellent to support low latency
Finally click on Start broadcasting
A tab will appear at the bottom, allowing you to retrieve the link to integrate into Wisembly.

Integrate the video stream into your wiz

  1. On your Youtube interface, click on "Share" > "Integrate" then copy the whole code that appears under the title "Embed Video".
  2. Go to your wiz
  3. In Configure your wiz > Modules > Remote Meeting
  4. Choose the "Youtube Live" provider
  5. Insert the copied link in the "URL" part
  6. In the Run your wiz section, click on the Audio/Video stream tab to activate the module for participants
  7. Save



Then, to activate the remote meeting module for the participants, go to the section Run your wiz (7) > Audio/video stream (8), and then Click on the Stream Audio and Video Module (9) button to activate the module for participants (as shown below).


Participant side

  1. He connects to and enters the keyword of your platform
  2. The video is automatically displayed:

- In the area at the left of the stream (by default)

- In a window at the bottom right if a document is being broadcast

  1. With the window mode, the participant can choose the location on the application (right, left, in a panel)