How to integrate Skype Broadcast into Wisembly?

Technical requirements for the computer that animates the broadcast

If this is your first broadcast with Skype, it is likely that you will need set some parameters on your computer to allow Skype to broadcast.

In this case, please follow these instructions with the help of the administrator who manages your Skype account.


Create the Skype live

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "New meeting"
  3. Fill in the general information (title, hours, members of the organisation team, access...)
  4. Click on "Create".
  5. Then on "Display", next to "Participation Link", and copy the url that appears
  6. Open a new tab and open the copied url
  7. Click on "Login as a team member" to open a Skype interface
  8. In the Skype interface, choose an item to broadcast (Video, screen sharing,...)
  9. On the broadcast item, right-click and select "Enable video for broadcast"
  10. Click on the button below "Launch broadcasting" > "Start broadcasting"


Integrate the video stream into your wiz

  1. Copy the url again by clicking on Display next to Participation Link on the interface.
  2. Go to your wiz
  3. In Configure your wiz > Modules > Remote Meeting
  4. Choose the "Skype Broadcast" provider
  5. Insert the copied link in the "URL" part
  6. In the Run your wiz section, click on the Audio/Video stream tab to activate the module for participants
  7. Save


Then, to activate the remote meeting module for the participants, go to the section Run your wiz (7) > Audio/video stream (8), and then Click on the Audio/Video stream module (9) button to activate the module for participants (as shown below).



Participant side

  1. He connects to and enters the keyword of your platform
  2. He clicks on the "Participate in the event" button
  3. The video is automatically displayed:

- In the area at the left of the stream (by default)

- In a window at the bottom right if a document is being broadcast

  1. With the window mode, the participant can choose the location on the application (right, left, in a panel)


⚠️ The user experience won't perform as well on mobile.