Message processing: how does it work?

With Wisembly, you can organize participants' messages according to whether they have been processed or not.

This feature will be useful if you have question and answer sessions, or several topics to cover.

How to pass a message in "processed"?

Wisembly-9.pngYou can process the messages by going to the "Run" part of the Wiz.

1- The facilitator can pass a message in "processed" mode manually by clicking on the blue dot of the message:


2- If a message is projected, then the message is "processed".

3- If the message is commented by a moderator/administrator, the message is "processed".

If the message is processed, what happens?

  • Projection screen: the message disappears
  • Participant screen: he will see a "processed" pastille on the processed messages



  • Facilitator/Administrator screen: In the "Animate" section, the administrator will have the hand to filter the "processed" and "unprocessed" messages

To note:

The "processed messages" module is enabled by default, but you can disable it in configuration > content > message.