What should I do if I can not connect to Wisembly?

If you are having difficulty accessing Wisembly, here are some steps to identify and resolve your problem with accessing the application.


1- Disable the ad blockers

The ad blocker is a browser extension that allows you to remove online Ads when displaying web pages in a browser. This software may prevent Wisembly from working properly. Check if you do not have an ad blocker enabled on your browser.

If so, disable it or restart your computer.

2- Use the private browsing of your browser

If it still doesn't work, try connecting in private browsing. An extension of your browser may also block the loading.

3- Use another browser or other electronic device

It is possible that Wisembly still does not work. If this is the case, we recommend you to connect with another device.

In addition, we advise you to use Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge, with updated versions.


4- Test your connection

Make sure your connection is working properly. To do this, Google provides you a dozens of Website to check the speed of your connection. You can use this one and click on the blue button.

If the connection is greater than 2 Megabits, there should not be any problems. With a connection between 0 and 1 Megabit, the connection may be too low for Wisembly to connect.


5- Check that nothing is blocking the loading of Wisembly

Open this page: https://app.wisembly.com/help/troubleshoot
If all items are displayed with a green check mark, nothing should prevent loading. If not (if you have a red tick), please click on the "support@wisembly.com" address at the bottom of the page to send us the report.

6- Contact your IT department to check the authorizations of your company's network

Finally, if none of the solutions previously proposed have worked, then contact your IT department. Perhaps, your company's network does not allow access to Wisembly. If so, send them this document, providing all the information needed to authorize access to Wisembly.