What are the possible uses for the survey?

The survey is one of Wisembly's flagship features. Widely used by our customers, it allows us to meet a variety of needs within organizations. In this article, we will discuss some of the possible uses of the two types of surveys: the questionnaire and the quiz.


- Use 1: Registration Form
- Use 2: Collecting your employees' expectations
- Uses 3: Satisfaction survey
- Use 4: Project evaluation
- Use 5: Evaluating different moments of an event


- Use 1: Contest
- Use 2: Validation of prior learning

1/ Some uses for the questionnaire

  • Registration form :

The registration form allows you to collect data from your participants via a simple questionnaire and to set up groups if you need them.


When to submit this form? Before your event.

  • To collect the expectations of the collaborators for a meeting:

In order to make your meeting more productive, you can ask your collaborators to answer a form in order to better understand their expectations. Then, you will be able to build your meeting according to the answers given.


 When to submit this form? Before your event.

  • Employee satisfaction survey :

You can carry out a satisfaction survey to measure the satisfaction of your participants :


When to submit this form? After your event.

  • Project evaluation :

Present one or more projects to an audience. The jury marks and comments on the project(s) via an evaluation questionnaire. In a few clicks, you will have access to the results.


When to submit this form? During or after your event.

  • Evaluate the moments of an event :

Make a form to evaluate different sessions during a meeting or an event.


 When to submit this form? After your event.

2/ Some uses for the Quiz

  • Game contest :

Challenge your teams by creating competition games. A general ranking will be generated to rank your participants according to their answers.


  • Validation of prior learning :

Submit a quiz to your participants to validate their skills or prior learning.


When to submit this form? During or after your event.