How to analyze the engagement and adhesion of my participants ?

For each of your Wisembly platforms, you can measure the engagement of your participants during the meeting, as well as their adhesion to what is said during the meeting.

The engagement of your participants reflects their activity on Wisembly. The associated statistics allow you to analyse the behaviour of your audience and its involvement throughout the meeting.

The calculation of your participants' support is done through the direct expression of the participants' agreement or disagreement with the content discussed. This is made possible by the agreement Module. This analysis can be very useful in determining whether there is approval or reluctance to deal with the subject. It can therefore be a real asset in your decision-making.

 These data are represented on two separate graphs. They will be very useful to you to compare your Wiz between them, and measure their impact.

To access these statistics, go to Configure your wiz > Analyze > Engagement.


  1. The Timeline

The Timeline allows you to review everything that has been presented on your Wiz (Documents, Questions, Votes), minute by minute, and the related engagement and agreement.

This tool will prove to be very useful in measuring the impact of the content of your presentation on your audience, depending on the themes addressed.


It looks like this:


1 - Each block corresponds to a slide. Its length corresponds to its display time on the wiz.

2 - These time indications allow you to target the niche you are interested in.


To obtain the details of a slot, click on the corresponding block:


3 - This time the display only concerns the duration that has been selected

4 - We find the slides that have been displayed

5 - Details of the engagement over the period

6 - Agreement details for the same period

7 - To go back and display statistics for the entire duration of the wiz, unzoom via the "-" button.

  1. Measure the engagement of my participants

To perform this calculation, Wisembly takes into account all the engaging actions of participants over time such as messages, reactions, responses to a vote or evaluation, the bookmarking of a slide or the activation of the agreement Module.

These actions are weighted according to the impact of the engagement they represent.  They are also weighted according to the time they require (for example, if a user asks a question, he or she is hired a few seconds before publishing it because he or she takes the time to formulate it).

Afterward, Wisembly reports this figure to the number of participants connected in the minute concerned. This gives us a angagement figure expressed as a percentage.

The engagement graph looks like this:

The blue curve (1) corresponds to the engagement of your participants, in percentage, calculated on the connected users. The left-hand scale (2) refers to this curve. The higher the level, the more engaged your participants are.

The light blue filling curve (3) specifies the number of connected participants. The scale on the right (4) refers to this curve.

If you hover your cursor over the graph, you will get the detail minute by minute, as shown below.


You will therefore be able to have the details per minute of the engagement percentage (5), the number of connected participants (6) as well as the number of engaging actions (7).

  1. Calculate my participants' membership

The calculation of membership requires the activation of the agreement Module (see the corresponding article), allowing participants to express their agreement or disagreement with what is presented or discussed, at any time during the meeting.

As can be seen above, the negative areas of the graph are red (1). This means that the majority of the audience disagrees with what is being said at this time. The positive areas are green (2), and mean on the contrary that the audience is mostly in agreement with what is being said.

If you hover your cursor over this graph, you will obtain the percentage of membership for the minute in question (3).